Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind [Extra Long] picture

Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind [Extra Long]

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���Axe��� Blind Combo Boat/Shore Blind

  • ��Easy up and down leg system for 10 second set up and take downs
  • Quick slide top cover for optimal overhead concealment and easy shooting
  • Heavy-duty 600D weather and wind resistant cover
  • Adjustable shooting and viewing area
  • In-and-out door provides easy entry and exit for dogs and hunters
  • Concealment straps for adding natural vegetation
  • Available in regular and extra-long models
  • Regular size: 44" x 9'
  • Extra-long size: 48" x 11'
  • 2XL size: 56" x 14'��

���Axe��� Boat Blind

  • Can be removed quickly and easily from boat
  • Inside boat frame design
  • Folds down flat to make boating and towing effortless

���Axe��� Shore Blind

  • ��Axe Shore Blind Leg Kit (sold separately) converts the Axe boat blind into a shore blind in��seconds

Superior as a boat blind.�� Unparalleled portability and convenience as a shore blind.�� Revolutionary as a combo!��

Our desire to create the most practical line of waterfowl hunting blinds led us around the globe.�� We searched for the perfect materials and the most technologically advanced manufacturing processes available.�� Our goal was to fabricate blinds that were highly functional, performed in all conditions, provided optimal concealment, and made the days afield more enjoyable.�� In addition, we wanted to create several blind concepts tailored to different types of hunting and situations. We drew up ideas, tested samples and put our gear through the rigors of the outdoors.���� After fine tuning our designs, we created the revolutionary ���Axe��� Combo Boat/Shore Blind, perfect for waterfowl, deer, and turkey hunting.��

The Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind is constructed of a heavy duty square-tubed steel frame and features an easy up and down leg system for 10 second set-up and take-downs.�� The leg system���s ���pop-up��� design allows for a quick set-up into a roomy, well concealed, weather protected blind or folds down compact in seconds for boating, trailering, or hauling to the spot.�� Hunters and retriever handlers will also enjoy the convenient in-and-out door that allows easy entry and exit access without having to drop the blind down.�� The Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind exterior is fabricated with a heavy-duty 600D cover to block out the elements along with integrated concealment straps to add natural vegetation.�� We also suggest adding the Axe Blind Camo Skin (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors) for an amazing 3-D leaf-like foliage and ultimate camouflaging.�� For optimal concealment, the secret of the blind���s effectiveness is in the top design.�� The quick slide top cover offers optimal overhead concealment and blocks out wind and rain.�� The quick slide top also allows for easy shooting in all directions due to the instantly removable, unrestricted sliding design.�� The proven, decades-old, New Madrid, Missouri-inspired design makes this blind highly effective due to the unmatched concealment and ability to shoot easily and effectively.

The Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind is fabricated with all of the required components so there���s no measuring, no sawing, no engineering, and no drilling necessary to assemble this blind.�� Plain and simple ��� the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind is the most revolutionary, versatile, portable, and easiest to use blind on the market.���� Available in regular and extra-long models.

For use on a boat:��

Assemble the Axe Combo Blind and place it on any boat suitable for hunting.�� Wherever the blind contacts the boat, most likely on a bench seat and/or bow deck, simply secure the frame with provided hardware (we recommend four anchor points).�� Next, attach Axe Blind Camo Skins (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors).�� In less than one hour after opening the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind���s box, you will be ready to hunt.��


From the boat-hunting gurus of New Madrid, Missouri, regardless of boat size, choose the smaller ���regular��� size blind unless it simply will not work in your boat.�� A smaller blind will allow your camo netting to drape to your boat���s gunnel at greater angles and more effectively eliminate the shadows that expose your presence.���� This will help to eliminate a ���boxy��� unnatural appearance and help the blind blend in with the natural environment more effectively.

For use as a shore blind:

Assemble the Axe Combo Boat/Shore Blind and install the Axe Blind Leg Kit (sold separately).�� Next, attach Axe Blind Camo Skins (sold separately in Timber and Cattail colors).���� The Axe Blind Camo Skins can be used with natural vegetation which can be easily affixed to the concealment straps attached to the blind���s 600D exterior cover.�� Simply carry the Axe Combo Blind to your hunting location, secure the blind���s legs into the ground and you are ready to hunt.������